Why Appraise Art

Why Appraise Your Art?

Art appraisals are necessary if you are donating artwork, insuring an art collection, establishing resale value, or determining estate values and pre-move appraisals to note that important items are correctly valued. Sylvia Fraley Fine Art Appraisals provides on-site evaluations, consultations, and written appraisals.  

(Iron Age II Pitcher, 1150-586 BC, Terra Cotta.)

Who Should Appraise Your Art?

It is important to find an appraiser who has established expertise and professional training in appraisal principals, theory, ethics, law, and procedures.  Sylvia Fraley is an accredited member specializing in fine art appraisals with the International Society of Appraisers, (ISA) which requires the successful completion of coursework and testing for its members. 

(Joan Miro, Original Lithograph Plate #2, 1972.)

What Type of Items to Appraise

Sylvia Fraley Fine Art Appraisals appraises both corporate and personal art collections including fine art, antiques, collectibles, porcelain, furniture and many other types of collectible and personal property. 

(Postcard of Winston Churchill, May 7, 1969 Fulton, MO postmark, with autographs.)